Linda Evans Savory Recipes for Life

Linda Evans and me at her book signing

Linda Evans and me at her book signing

Recipes for Life,

by Linda Evans

Start with a large serving of a lifetime of memories including appearances around the world, interesting stories with friends, including many other celebrities, and loves of her life. Season it with many vibrant pictures that spice up the stories. Then sprinkle that with the author’s favorite recipes, as well as some recipes shared by her celebrity friends. Finally, stir in a great sense of humor, and then you’ll feast on this savory memoir by award-winning actress Linda Evans.

The stories about her life and her celebrity friends are treats. You’ll get to know about Linda Evans, and also gain glimpses into other famous people’s lives and characters. It all begins with her childhood and her interesting parents who moved to Hollywood. How funny to find out that at 15, she worked as an usherette at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood, where year’s later her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was placed right outside.

I really enjoyed this memoir. I was interested in the change from jobs to career, friends she shares good and bad times with, and stories about the men in her life, her romantic loves. With Linda, love doesn’t end because a relationship does. Her loves are intense and long lasting, and so are her friendships.

The woman she is, her lifetime of experiences, the people and events who have influenced her, and she’s not done yet! Early on, Barbara Stanwyck had an influence during The Big Valley days. Known as “Missy,” Stanwyck was an adviser and an advocate, a living example, and a dear friend. The author notes how Barbara Stanwyck always treated her fans well and made time to meet them because she appreciated them. I can tell you by my experience that Linda Evans is the same way. I was fortunate to meet her at one of her book signings, and the line to meet her was epic. She took time with each person and was so gracious.

There’s so much I learned about Linda Evans, including how much she loves to cook and plan wonderful meals with family and friends. The recipes included each relate to the life story being told in the chapter. Delicious! Some are the favorite recipes that were shared by the author’s friends, for example John Wayne’s favorites shared by his wife Pilar.

From her beginnings in Connecticut, then the family move to Hollywood, to her discovery of a beautiful life here in Washington state, the author has stayed gracious and remarkable. From her big break with “The Big Valley” to the drama of “Dynasty,” she has remained delightful. And from what I’ve read, I think everyone needs a friend like her fun-loving Bunky.

Thereby hangs a tale . . . .

Linda Evans and me at her book signing

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